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Peer2Mail (abbreviated as P2M) - a file-sharing technology based on the use of e-mail accounts as a storage locations.

Mode of action.

File exchange using P2M is carried out through a special software called "Ygoow", which automatically and with limited users interference allows the mass creation of e-mail accounts in free and freely available websites, preparation (eg splitting into parts of the maximum size compatible with e-mail account) and placing files in these accounts. In the process of uploading files to accounts, we are getting hashcode (a form of a string of ASCII characters) containing data of mailboxes on which files were placed, passwords to these accounts, and additional informations such as a CRC32 checksum.

Legal issues

Polish law does not prohibit the downloading of already distributed digital media - only their illegal dissemination is forbidden. Polish law allows you to share files with your friends (for example, lending your brother), provided that you do not derive material benefits from file distribution. File sharing using P2M means sharing a narrow group of people who know the password to the mailbox, especially to get access to detect illegal content law enforcement agencies must have a prosecution order, which makes it even more difficult to detect and catch the downloading/uploading.

Advantages and disadvantages

P2M, as each new application has its advantages and disadvantages - the basic drawback is the lack of search engines. Each user is partially dependent on the resources of his friends, although the shared context can be also found on many free websites. In turn, the big advantage of P2M are very high anonymity, high transfers and no problems like eDonkey network with local IP addresses which the eDonkey client means "low ID" and reduces the priority of downloading.


A person who has a hashcode and the correct password, can use it to download files using Ygoow application. The P2M client encryption mechanism is based on a password, but does not provide users any confidential decrypted data, even after entering the correct password, and only uses it to log in and download files from e-mail accounts. In this way, uploaded files are protected against mental or accidental deletion.

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Current versions of the Ygoow Application

Below You can find versions of the Ygoow application for various platforms that are already available or currently underway.

Ygoow v2

Windows 32 and 64 bits

  • Available
  • Zip archive

Ygoow v2

Windows 32 and 64 bits

  • Available
  • Installator

Ygoow v2

Linux 64 bits

  • Available
  • Zip archive

Ygoow v2

Mac OS X 64 bits

  • Not available
  • Zip archive
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Simple, modern and intuitive

Before downloading the Ygoow applications, please check the following screenshots of the working application and the basic presentation of its functionality.

Just... about P2M

  • The application to download and share files is created for you for free of charge and anonymously. You do not take risk, you take care of your security and your data anonymity.

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The full content of the license agreement can be found below and also in the License.pdf file placed in the main program directory.

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